Running & Yoga Retreat

August  13-17, 2016 at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Returning in 2016 is yoga teacher extraordinaire Sarahjoy Marsh to guide specialized yoga for runners sessions. The goal is for runners to learn how to incorporate yoga in to their training routines. The retreat is still primarily a running retreat with trail runs, training classes, and running technique instruction. The total time instruction and running time is the same. The difference is that you will be treated to a daily restorative yoga session from one of Oregon’s best yoga teachers. I can tell you from experience that you will love how you feel after these sessions. 
Participants This unique workshop is for runners and yoga practitioners of all skill and ability levels. To fully enjoy the experience, you will want to be in basic running condition. Essentially, you should be able to comfortably run for 30 minutes. As for the yoga, you do not need any prior experience. Whether you are looking to really test your limits or simply enjoy the running on some beautiful trails, consider attending this “summer running AND yoga camp”. Space is limited to 12 participants. 

New to Breitenbush?  Follow Rob on a short tour.  They are located just 2.5 hours from Eugene and Portland, and 5 hours from Seattle.

 Session Topics:

  • Training for your first half marathon or marathon

  • Run a fast 5k

  • The joys of trail running

  • Breaking old habits

  • Mental Focus: Relaxation and visualization

  • Keeping balance and perspective

  • Training 101

  • Preventing over training

  • Peak racing

  • Running surfaces

  • Yoga for runners

  • Strength training

  • Running form

Thoughts on running and yoga Until a few summers ago, I had been coming to Breitenbush for over 10 years without participating in a workshop. Although I practiced yoga, I was not sure that I could handle a yoga retreat with hours upon hours of yoga and meditation. As with many runners, I have tight hip flexor muscles and tight hamstrings. A few summers ago, Sarahjoy graciously allowed me to attend part of her yoga retreat upon my spur of the moment request. After that wonderful experience, I vowed to attend a full session, which I finally did the following August. Sarahjoy and her assistant Jessica took great care to meet the needs of all 25 students in this “summer yoga camp”. Like running, yoga is an individual practice that can be enhanced in a group setting similar to doing a group training run. I left the summer camp feeling refreshed, calm, and slightly more flexible. Actually, I did not leave. I stayed at Breitenbush four more days and enjoyed by best trail runs of the summer.

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