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See what past participants have to say about their experience at the retreat.

Jane Waddell:

I signed up for this retreat with some apprehension.  I don't really identify as a runner, even though I seem to be doing more and more of it as I leave behind other sports that I did in my younger days.  I do very few races and mostly run on my own, so I didn't quite know what to expect.  What I found was that runners are a pretty inclusive bunch.  Rob was a gracious running ambassador and eager to help us work on our goals whatever our level of experience or fitness and had an impressive wealth of knowledge to do so.  It was great to get some coaching on our form, try some new training techniques, and learn how to build our own training plans.  Sarahjoy's keen eye and quick sense of humor helped navigate us through the sometimes intense yoga poses and self-massage practices she tailored to our needs as runners.  All in the lovely setting that Breitenbush provides.  All-in-all a really instructive and enjoyable experience..